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Wel try again in the next test Hash. Well South Africa find themselves in the Perishans after a dismal display in the first test. 84 all out. I mean really now. I was in my stall yesterday at Rosebank Flea Market. Their is a india owe that sells cell phone acessories. Every Sunday without fail I will scream to the guy “Hella Bappa, South Africa f$%ked you guys up”. Yesterday the okes started going mad. He came to me and started shaking me saying that India give you hiding. You are sheet, They thake the sheet out your a#$e . The man went hull.


Anyways I was dissapointed that Hash didnt score big at all, But then again who did. I spoke to cricketing analyst AK Kadwa last night. We were discussing Amla. Ak was worried. He says because Amla got out with the same ball and the same bowler in the same manner that these owes will ommit him from the team now. Gibbs scored a pair of ducks but they will still leave him. They are already saying that Niel Mckenzie will gat a call up for the next test (joffes maboi)Thats the mentality of the selectors. Smith also has failed early again. But as I always say Hash you go boy, We with you all the way for the second test


Also Austrailia have regained the Ashes, Did you owes see Gilchrest knock of 57 balls I think. In a test match can you believe.It was inevitable though that the Ozzies would regain the Ashes. The only reason why is because Monty Panesar only played in the current test. But when it comes to cricket in all forms of the game, The Ozzies are the masters of the craft.

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