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Yousuf Youhana about Cricket & Islam

Yousuf Youhana about Cricket & Islam

Thanks Guys for the information and request to put this post up. Mohamed Yusuf formerly known as Yousuf Youhana recently achieved a great milestone. And like Hash he has attributed his success and focus on Iman. He has made us proud. We also know that Mohammed Yousuf is a revert. He converted to Islam
Before Mohammad Yousuf’s conversion to Islam from Christianity, rumour has it he was told by those close to the Pakistan squad that he was the only thing standing between God and his team.
Not so now. Since he became a Muslim in 2005, his star has been on this rise and in the last year Yousuf’s batting average has risen to a staggering average of 99.33.
He has certainly cemented his status as the lynchpin of Pakistan’s Test side and established himself as an all-time batting great in the process.
He now has a new world record mark for runs scored in a calendar year – 1,788 to be precise – eclipsing Sir Viv Richards’ previous record by 68 runs.
And in doing so he notched up his ninth Test century of the year.

There is no doubt that his religion has encouraged a new serenity at the crease Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer
In the aftermath of his record-breaking innings in Karachi, the softly-spoken 32-year-old was clear about the catalyst to his success.
“It was only with God’s help that I achieved this,” said Yousuf, who converted from Christianity nearly two years ago.
The statistics appear to support his belief. The player, formerly known as Yousuf Youhana, averaged around 48 in his first 59 Tests before converting.
Since adopting the Islamic faith of his team-mates, Yousuf scored a double hundred in Lahore to seal the winter Test series against England for Pakistan and, although Pakistan lost the return series to England last summer, Yousuf shone, hitting scores of 202, 192 and 128.
The right-handed batsman also made two centuries against India and four in five innings against the West Indies to take his Test century count for 2006 to nine – which also happens to be a world record.

In his interview with Rameez Raja after breaking the long standing record of Sir ViV Richards he was asked what he Changed this year to achieve this fantastic record. He said it was nothing to do with the technical side, but more the mental. From the interview in Urdu I made out the words namaaz and shahadat, to which the crowd erupted after attaining a 2-0 series win. Goes to show accepting the religion improves all aspects of ones life
Mohammad Yousuf punches off the back foot, India v Pakistan, 1st Test, Lahore, 2nd day, January 14,
2006Mohammad Yousuf began the year with a 199-ball 173 against India in a drawn Test at Lahore…
Mohammad Yousuf celebrates his hundred, India v Pakistan, 1st Test, Lahore, 2nd day, January 14, 2006…and set the tone for a series that would set the mark for more to come
Mohammad Yousuf on reaching his century against India at Faisalabad, Pakistan v India, 2nd Test, 5th day, Faisalabad,
January 25 2006In the second Test at Faisalabad, he hit 65 and 126 in another draw
Mohammad Yousuf raises his bat after reaching his half-century, Pakistan v India, 3rd Test, 3rd day, Karachi, January 31 2006
After a first-ball duck in the second innings of the final Test at Karachi, Yousuf hit a vital 97 as Pakistan beat India by 341 runs
Mohammad Yousuf led Pakistan back into the first Test on day three
Yousuf began his tour of England in fine fashion…Mohammad Yousuf celebrates reaching 200 at Lord’s, England v Pakistan, 1st Test, Lord’s, July 16, 2006…reaching a memorable double hundred at Lords in the first Test
Mohammad Yousuf lays into a short ball, England v Pakistan, 3rd Test, Headingley, August 5, 2006
After missing out in the second Test, it was back to business at Leeds…
Mohammad Yousuf celebrates his hundred with Younis Khan and the pair went past a 200 stand, England v Pakistan, 3rd Test, Headingley, August 6, 2006…as Yousuf struck a fine 192
Mohammad Yousuf was effortless throughout his century, England v Pakistan, 4th Test, The Oval, August 18, 2006Yousuf was effortless during the controversial fourth Test at The Oval…
Mohammad Yousuf reaches his third century of the series, England v Pakistan, 4th Test, The Oval, August 18, 2006…scoring his third hundred of the series…Mohammad Yousuf remained unbeaten on 115 at stumps on the second day, England v Pakistan, 4th Test, The Oval, 2nd day, August 18, 2006…and taking a moment to acknowledge his effort
Mohammad Yousuf eases into a drive during his century, Pakistan v West Indies, 1st Test, Lahore, 2nd day, November 12, 2006The juggernaut roled on against West Indies at Lahore, as Yousuf struck 192 in a nine-wicket victory
Mohammad Yousuf celebrates reaching his 100, Pakistan v West Indies, 2nd Test, Multan, November 23, 2006In the second Test at Multan, he made it 56 and 191…Mohammad Yousuf acknowledges the crowd after scoring a century, only the third batsman to run up a streak of five centuries in successive Tests, Pakistan v West Indies, 3rd Test, Karachi, 3rd day, November 27, 2006…but the best was yet to come, as Yousuf picked off consecutive hundreds at Karachi and set the record for most in a year…
Mohammad Yousuf raises his bat after breaking Viv Richards’s record for most runs in a calendar year, Pakistan v West Indies, 4th day, 3rd Test, karachi, November 30, 2006…and broke Viv Richards’s 30-year record for most runs in a calendar year

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Comments (6)

  • Biggy
    December 5, 2006 at 11:43 am Reply

    Impressive. Take nothing away from the Paki’s, they have raw talent. Think he’ll get the sportsman of the year award.

  • Anonymous
    December 5, 2006 at 10:50 pm Reply

    Slms thanks Swoosh for putting my team up and especially Mohammed Yousuf as his another role model for our youth of today, as you know the boys will be here soon cant wait to meet him, as now we know that success lies in deen, this one of the best article that you have put up. hazrat

  • eb - Kop End
    December 6, 2006 at 8:09 am Reply

    This guy is really special… his flippen brilliant, and highly talented, watched the highlights his stroke play and shot selection is amazing, really looking forward to some world class cricket when they arrive here!

    December 6, 2006 at 8:24 am Reply

    Jay and Hazrat, I agree the man is class, I hope the Pakis put on a better show than India.
    The thing is lots of owes are saying that the mentality in the Paki Team has changed over the years. With lots of owes placing emphasis on their faith. But these bas#$5ds always come here for a Holiday.

    Wont be surprised if I see Shoaib in the palms……

    Hazrat how about setting up an interview with me for your swaar Shaq…

  • eb - Kop End
    December 6, 2006 at 8:37 am Reply

    I read on Skysports that
    Shoaib Akhtar n Mohammad Asif
    have won there appeal to have his suspension for doping overturned.
    Swoosh , i agree these guys come here to party!

    Lets hope what we read is true about them changing there attitudes when on TOUR to SA…

  • Muhammed Carim
    December 7, 2006 at 7:06 am Reply

    Mohammad Yusuf is true class….

    Thanx for the post…. he should be your man of the year on this blog…

    Provided Pakis keep it together… with a full squad including Akhtar and Asif, they will do well in SA and in next years World Cup..

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