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Day 15-Samba and the Durban Beach Front with the Fans

Day 15-Samba and the Durban Beach Front with the Fans

The Bus ride we will Never forgetEvery one was talking about Brazil vs Portugal.The Big one,Sunny Durban and warm weather and the Samba and Portuguese fans in the streets of Durbz.Obviously we had to check it out.Myself,Mo,Faaiz and Killa set off after the Italy vs Slovakia game to Durban. Our mode of transport…..JHB to Durban via Eldo Coaches and returning with Greyhound.A few of the lads had match tickets and I didnt. I surely wasnt gonna pay R5000.That was the black market rate. Bonkers actually. We thought well try our luck. And off we went, leaving at 10pm Thursday night from park Station.The vibe was lekker,FIFA Volunteers,Brazilian Media all leaving by bus,none of them on our bus unfortunatelyThe Bus journey actually got off to a good start. It was late,10:30 pm Its always special with the lads and Killa entertained the entire evening. We stopped in Benoni picked up a Mexican believe it or not, and set off to Durbs.The Mexicans are everywhere
Then almost halfway the freakin heating system packs in.And I mean its blistering cold.Here we are in a bus dessed for the warm climate of Durban and the freakin heating system packs in.You gotta be kidding me.We had to survive like Bear Grills.It was like being locked in the freezer all night.And this was a pretty descent Eldo Coach.Not like the Istima Bus with the Arrow on the side.So we tried to survive in anyway possible. If you thought Brazil vs Korea was cold you aint seen nothing yet. We were filled with joy when we arrived at 5:am,took a cab to Sun Coast and had a breakfast.
The Night we will never forget-The Bus Ride to Remember

The view of the stadium from Sun Coast Casino at 5am.

Then we took a cab to my aunty in Westville to just relax and have a friday Lunch.Fantastic. After a nice fat traditional Indian Lunch we set off to the Stadium. We were kinda excited as it was our first trip to the Moses Mabida stadium for a World Cup Game. My Durban connextions got ready and we set off and of course set about our business of mingling with the Portuguese and Brazilian Fans

My Family in Durbz preparing for the Big GameThe Boys have landed and we were ready

The Atmosphere at the stadium was fantastic. No better sight than Brazillian and Portuguese fans in Full flight.Singing ,Chanting and mentioning Big names like Ronaldo and Kaka. The maroon and yellow colors around the stadium were mesmerising. As for tickets scalpers were still asking for 500 US dollars or R5000.Too much for me.We met up with my cousin ZAK and had a blast

Portuguese fans were excitedMyself and Killa with Portuguese Fans


An exellent advert for South Africa


Fun with the Brazillian Fans
hows this for a banner
Brazilian Fans.We waited for this moment
Faaiz scored a ticket and well myself,Killa and Moe were not so fortunate. So we made our way to the Fan Park at Sun Coast hotel and casino. It was buzzing. The passion shared outside the stadium was awesome. Many fans ofcourse that couldnt make they way into the stadium cheered and chanted and we were feeling the World Cup spirit in Durban.
Zak was in the stadium
Zak was in and the atmosphere was terrificThe only view we had was from the Fan Park
The Fan Zone was packed.The Game on the Big Screen average
 Fan Zone outside Sun Coast Casino
Zak on the other hand had his match ticket and was enjoying the vibe inside the stadium.He captured the footage inside

The beauty of Moses Mabida at night.The atmosphere was certainly worth it, and we got a glimpse of the stadium and last ten minutes and Moses Mabida on match day and at night was fantastic.
And the weather was awesome.

We mingled with the fans at the end of the game.Portuguese fans celebrated and drums rolled into the Durban night.


Our trophy was part off the evening celebrations.As we walked down the Durban Fan Mile we enjoyed ourselves and just soaked it in. We were due to catch the 7am bus on Saturday morning so we were planning on making the best of the evening. Our next stop was to watch Spain vs Chile on the beach front in the North beach Fan Park.

Spanish fans at the Fan ParkA stark contrast to JHB Fan Parks of course because of the Ocean and Weather.Brazillian babes on the beach,fans on the beach,playing footbball and watching footie and of couse lots of foreign fans donning their flags and country colors.We watched the Spain and Chile game, looked at some spectular scenery and experienced the Vibe.The whole beach front was buzzing and I felt like I was back at the Gunston only this time the crowd ws different and I wasnt the only one wearing a soccer top he he .

The Fan Park was rocking

Durban North Beach Fan ParkAfter the Fan Park well thats another story and not for this diary :). At 7am we boarded our Bus back to Johannesburg. Brazil vs Portugal and Day 15 was certainly memmorable.

Spain beat Chile 2-1 in Pretoria and finished top of the group. This meant avoiding Brazil and playing Portugal. Tough for Spain either way. Brazil finishing first meant a round of 16 tie with Chile.

David Villa inspired the SpanishIn the other encounter Ivory Coast beat Korea 3-0 but both were on their way home and Didier Drogbas World Cup was over.


Ivory Coast beat Korea in Nelspruit



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  • eb
    October 31, 2006 at 1:45 pm Reply

    Well done Mr Mayet…congrats,

    swoosh get your facts straight…
    publish things that were said in the correct context, you were there, and that was not said!

  • Anonymous
    October 31, 2006 at 1:48 pm Reply



    “I WILL BEAT THE B23STARD next time around”

    I always said My Victory will be the one over all you Muggs IN MY CLAN and Riyad Loonat.

    But congrats to the man.

    Other owes were there they heard the statement.

  • Anonymous
    October 31, 2006 at 2:06 pm Reply

    I can vouch for Swoosh. I was there Herbly I told u that night already, he only wants to beat you

  • Anonymous
    October 31, 2006 at 2:17 pm Reply

    F@$k all you owes, lets c come end of the season whos on top, then we can talk! until then

  • Anonymous
    October 31, 2006 at 2:51 pm Reply

    F$%k all that
    Come end of the season we expect to see Rooney and Agbonlahor in your side

  • Anonymous
    October 31, 2006 at 3:33 pm Reply

    who spoke about Agbonlahor first… ???

  • Anonymous
    November 1, 2006 at 7:06 am Reply

    please tell

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