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Geez I had to step up and get this man on the panel. One of my loyal Bloggers. This man was the Paul Scholes in the era, hovering behind the front three. Always giving support to the strikers, Talia, Dajee & the Govnor. The man has been thru the era and I had toi get his viewpoint on the Fracas thats going on. F%^k I remember the days…. Like Webly was synonymous for its Twin Towers, East campus Canteen was the hallowed ground for these chaps. Lots of Maaling took place. Azee & Dajee, The Zippo Lighter, Brown Shoes, & the fu%*en Camel Guaais. The trek of the Camel Filter when a 20 Kanuck was on… Fu%k those were the days I tell you. This man has seen World Cups, FA Cups, Worthington Cups, Euro Championships, Champions Leagues, u name it. His been there and definately accredited to say his piece…..

swoosh:As a great Thunnie Player of your generation what can you really say about the GKNOTTS & GMINTY Post. It seems to be generating alot of controversy. As who the best is?
azee:Definitely, good to have debate. I think gknotts and minty are getting too much credit. They were the last champions but there has not been a tournament for 5 years. Its not a true reflection.

swoosh:Who do you think was the Pele & Maradona of Thunnie IN UR TIME
azee: think there were many greats. Its hard to narrow it down. Shaka would probably stand out as the one guy synonymous with thunnie on Campus.

swoosh:Who was the biggest hiding you dished to on Campus in ur days
azee: Too many to recall.

swoosh:Many young 1st years would come and would find out very quickly they not up to the level.Did u ever wush or 20 kanack some MUGGS

swoosh:How do you think Gkotts & Gminty/ or you guys would have faired against the greats, like Shaka & Rid one, Mollies & Ballie, Nielan & Sivenesan , Saleem & kaveeer, BIG MOH & Zoobair, Bilal and LITY and the many others?
azee:They would have struggled. The level and standard dropped over my time. In my early years 96-97, it was intense. I was predominantly on East Campus and it was tough opposition. Many games were played in the old east campus canteen and on the stairs before all those developments to the canteen. It was tough. Played a lot against the likes of Saleem and Kavier,Joe Moolla, Tolla, Mazollo, Patelia, Zadie Sayed, Dajee, guvenor, talia, Mol etc. The standard on west was lower.

swoosh: Wat happened to you guys that year, Who knocked you owes out?
azee: I was off campus.

swoosh:Those were the days u must agree. U think the lighties at Wits Today are in those leagues. What is the standard at Wits anyway. Have you heard ?
azee: I have not heard but I doubt they up to scratch.

swoosh: Who are the f/((ken Podolskys and Ronaldinhos or they more like the Jabu Pules & BENNI’S. Do you think you will find any owes in the class of MANICH.(ALWAYS UP FOR THE BIG OCCASSION) OR the Owes like CAFU, working /and maaling for long hours down the right wing?
azee:I don?t know if there are guys who have taken the baton and moved the game further. In my day you would find guys maaling for entire days at a time. They would take the pack with and even maal at lunch at whichever restaurant the guys went to. Real dedication. I recall once owes were maaling in the car before jumaa whilst the English bayaan was going on(wont mention names) but you can see the dedication.

swoosh:Lastly Owes are calling for the big one. Who will u take into battle with you and u think the owes should get together and host the Mother? The f&*ken World Cup OF THUNNIE? I MEAN KABEER GOOR WANTS TO ORHANISE DEGS & SHITAND MAYBE PUT THIS GKNOTTS & GMINTY CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE TO REST?
azee:ts definitely needed. We need clarity on who is the best. I would take my partner Dajee into battle. We had a decent understanding which only develops over years of maaling together.

THANKS ….U were indeed a legend in ur time.

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Comments (5)

  • Anonymous
    August 8, 2006 at 10:04 am Reply

    Something should be done to this twit mr Jones
    He must be punished
    IT is definately a racist comment
    If nothing happens we should start boycotting the live games played here.
    Most of the games around the country are filled with our guys
    We should protest and boycott until the UCB demands him to be banned or some sort
    The f^&ken twit
    Thats why you cant support these okes
    Its their F%^ken nature
    Behind our backs they will always have something derogotary to say about us

    Amla will make them bite their tongues
    its just a matter of time

    You our man Mr Amla

  • Anonymous
    August 8, 2006 at 12:22 pm Reply



  • Anonymous
    August 8, 2006 at 12:23 pm Reply

    we f*#$ed them up plenty of times in the GREAT HALL.

    will remain anonymous for now

  • Anonymous
    August 10, 2006 at 6:31 am Reply

    i must confess and im sure that many would agree, sekunjalo ke nako (the time is now – O R Thambo on the eve of the first democratic elections in SA). its time to put an end to the claims before the Khyatusha’s start flying and the matter spirals out of control.

    in response to Mr Seth my only words for your condition is what they term a severe case of the dillusions of grandeur

    Waseem koor

  • Anonymous
    August 10, 2006 at 6:59 am Reply

    Slma, I think. Its bril and a unanimous, thunnie cup sa is long overdue. Lets say 1st week september

    Kabeer Goor

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