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Today we have another legend’s views. I always make mention of the Benoni ouens maaling on the lawns of Educom tirelessly the Class Of Cafu down the right wing. This is one of the chaps. Mombhai. I had to get his views on the situation. He also has been a loyal blogger on the site.

I also want to make mention of a comment that was posted the other day of a owe. (Wolf) that was the first man in history to be late for an exam because of a game of Thunnie.

I just want to say from me You are a legend and indeed in the class of “GATUSSO” giving heart and sole till the death and not leaving Cannavaro. This is what Mombhai had to say of the situation.

As a great Thunnie Player of your generation what can you really say about the GKNOTTS & GMINTY Post. It seems to be generating alot of controversy.As who the best is?

swoosh: Who do you think was the Pele & Maradona of Thunnie IN UR TIME?
mombhai: My time was after the likes of Shaka and those okes… I only heard of them…. we had a good group on west campus…. games were competitive amoungst us…. okes like mad bhamjee, riyaad loonat, azee, guvnor, dajee, vals, gani, dooj, wasim, zee, babu, and a few of the other lift club owes like sibda and bilo deen…. also the “reigning champs” gnotts and gminty…… and some others… we all held our own.

swoosh: Who was the biggest hiding you dished to on Campus in ur days?
mombhai: With the amount of Thunnie we used to play – comfortably in the thousands during my 4/5 years on campus – there were plenty oh hidings dished out….. especially to youngsters who weren’t up to scratch….

swoosh: Did u ever wush or 20 kanack some MUGGS?
mombhai: On more than one occassion…

swoosh: How do you think Gkotts & Gminty/ or you guys would have faired against the greats, like Shaka & Rid one, Mollies & Ballie, Nielan & Sivenesan , Saleem & kaveeer, BIG MOH & Zoobair, Bilal and LITY and the many others?
mombhai: Having played so much, i’m sure we could compete with them…… if you arrange this world cup you talking about, we can put it to the test…..

swoosh: What happened to you guys that year, Who knocked you owes out?
mombhai: I can’t remember to be honest, not sure if i played in that one….. i know that in the previous tournament, me and a young sibda lost to Wasim and Zee in the semis…..

swoosh: Those were the days u must agree. U think the lighties at Wits Today are in those leagues. What is the standard at Wits anyway. Have you heard ?Who are the f/((ken Podolskys and Ronaldinhos or they more like the Jabu Pules & BENNI’S. Do you think you will find any owes in the class of MANICH.(ALWAYS UP FOR THE BIG OCCASSION) OR the Owes like CAFU, working /and maaling for long hours down the right wing?

mombhai: Not sure about the standard’s nowadays….. or if you will always find willing maalers like you used to back in the day….. maybe we can invite a select few, only a few, of today’s lighties to this world cup also…. like having the non-league owes in the FA Cup…. if they good enuff, they could upset a few big names…..

swoosh: Lastly Owes are calling for the big one. Who will u take into battle with you and u think the owes should get together and host the Mother? The f&*ken World Cup OF THUNNIE? I MEAN KABEER GOOR WANTS TO ORHANISE DEGS & SHITAND MAYBE PUT THIS GKNOTTS & GMINTY CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE TO RESTI?
mombhai: ‘ll definitely be there….. probaly with one of the benoni owes for old times sakes…. i’ll play with one of Wits all time legends (in many ways) – the great DOOJ !!!

THANKS MOMBHAI ….U were indeed a legend in ur time.

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Comments (4)

  • Anonymous
    August 4, 2006 at 7:01 am Reply

    The Benoni okes are special…. Dooj was a true legend, one of a kind….

  • Anonymous
    August 4, 2006 at 9:19 am Reply

    Enough of all the small talk. Let’s settle this dual once and for all. Seth what carnage are you talking about. We were just trying giving you some confidence so that it will encourage you to keep playing the beautiful game.

    Baboo Wadee

  • Anonymous
    August 4, 2006 at 9:20 am Reply


    If that what helps you sleep at night, Keep Believing IT!


  • Anonymous
    August 4, 2006 at 9:22 am Reply

    Too many okes are laying claim to being the best. There is a need to have a new championship.

    I learnt the game on East Campus, and in later life played alot more on West. I have to say the level of compettition on East was far stronger, and the games were far more intense especialy in my early years 96-98. Guys like Shaka were of a different level to guys who came later on.

    Azee Moola

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