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Difficult once again to find a MUGG of the Week. I had to dig deep into the anals of history to pull this MUGG out. With all the interviews flying around he had to originate from Liverpool. Jis Nickname was Calamity and the okes has sold Liverpool, Sold England and sold about everyone at some stage in his life. Go back Man Utd vs Liverpool. Do you recall how the Mugg Sold Liverpool and gave those pricks victory. Just for that David James you are the MUGG OF THE WEEK.If there ever was a Mugg that cost owes dearly for both club & country has to be this ba$%rd.

Lets face it, it was long time coming

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  • azee
    August 3, 2006 at 4:05 pm Reply

    i think the lad got alot of stick for nothing. he played with a crap back 4.

    he made a few howlers but all keepers do those. he may have been weak on crosses but he has rectified that. he is englands number two after all.

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