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Unbelievable I tell you, I coudnt believe it, Last kick of the game and what a penalty. Thats why certain guys have got the gift of being great. I can only imagine the nerves in that scenario. 10 men, extra time coming , it was do or die. If he missed he would have been a Villain. If he scored , a hero.

Lots of debate surrounded the penalty. But I mean. Come On. How can a defender dive around in the 6 yard box. He is bound to ask for it. Finally I tell you it was great to see we didnt have to go through the nightmare of Korea.

If ever there was a team that defends with spirit and heart it has to be the Italians. Come On guys you have to admit that. Fabio Cannavaro-What a player. Sublime Class and as for Buffon well we have the best keeper in the world.

Yes I admit it wasnt a standard or vintage Italian performance but What the hell do you expect with 10 men.

Think of Lance Kluesener, Alan Donald and even Jannie De Beer and the men of 99. Nick Mallet will surely be smiling.

The Italians have stuck it to them and we took revenge for all the other countries that they inflicted pain and misery upon.

Azee sms’d me and said “Theft. ” Yes “Theft” it was. Now the Ozzies will know how it feels. Oh it was sweet I say, But Guus deserved what he got especially what he did to us in 2002.

Look it was just such a happy moment as we were shunned of this glory in 1998,2002, 2004. So im just going to enjoy this moment for as long as possibly can. I thought Del did ok. But on the whole the whole team were sublime.

This is What the Players had to say

Gianluigi BUFFON (ITA), Budweiser Man of the MatchI thought I played well even though I had less to do than in the previous match against the Czech Republic. I did well on the few occasions I was needed. I never thought the Australians would score, but in the second half I didn’t think we would either. We’re a bit tired mentally, especially me as a goalkeeper with not very much to do. The events of Korea/Japan 2002 flashed before my eyes. I didn’t have the courage to watch (Francesco) Totti’s penalty, not because I didn’t have faith in him, but because I was so nervous. I didn’t think he’d try a chip shot because he’s too clever to do something like that at such a moment. We think we can go all the way to the Final in Berlin, that’s our dream.
Francesco TOTTI (ITA) Today we showed that our fitness levels are good and we have the right mentality to go a long way. To get results you have to use your head and we did today. I had no intention of trying a chip shot with the penalty, I was just concentrating on scoring. (Marcello) Lippi
came to see me at two this afternoon and explained why he was leaving me out. I have no problem with him. He showed faith in me and picked me for the squad. I respect his decisions. I’m fit and ready for the next matches.

Marcello LIPPI (ITA) We were concerned about their high-tempo game and their tireless running, and because of that, we treated them with a lot of respect. We contained them very well in the first half and carved out three clear chances for ourselves. They had no chances to speak of. After the break, I brought on (Vincenzo) Iaquinta to speed things up a bit, but then we went down to ten men.
After that, the quality of our organisation and our spirit saw us through. We passed the ball well out of defence. Then at the end (Fabio) Grosso was superb and (Francesco) Totti perfect in tucking away the penalty. Let’s hope that gives him a lift. He had trouble lasting the distance against the Czechs, and that’s why I gave him a breather today
. I intended bringing him on when the match had settled down and that’s what I did.

Guus HIDDINK (AUS) I’m very disappointed with the loss, coming as it did as a result of a last-gasp goal, but I’m very proud of the way my players performed throughout the tournament and particularly against Italy. We started off saying to ourselves that we wanted to avoid penalty-kicks, but as things unfolded we would have taken them.
We wanted to play attractive, spectacular football, and we did. But in contrast to the Italians, we weren’t lethal enough in front of goal. The team tried their hardest and we can have no regrets.

Mark VIDUKA (AUS):I’m very disappointed because I felt we dominated the game. Losing is an absolute nightmare. The Italians were very solid in defence and played to their strengths. That said, I could see that they were very tired by the end of the game, especially because they had to play with a man less. If it had gone into extra time we would have won, because our greatest asset is our fitness.

Scott CHIPPERFIELD (AUS): This has really hit us hard. We had a few good chances to put ourselves into the quarter-finals. Unfortunately we didn’t have the luck we needed. But overall we can be more than pleased with our performance. We are proud of the way we played and of our fantastic fans.


Whoever wants a lovely magherita and italian soda. phone me we will celebrate


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Comments (7)

  • sw@@r
    June 27, 2006 at 4:15 pm Reply

    that was luck i tell u. if u ask me the ref put money on the itallians winning n when they couldn’t score he knew they wud loose in extra time, thats y he gave it. i only hope we beat germany in the q4s (its gonna b tough) so that we can kick itallian butt!!!

  • Anonymous
    June 28, 2006 at 12:40 pm Reply

    Does Anybody Besides Naseem Beleive that it was a penalty. I Don’t. But any way well done to the Italians for winning by luck and getting into the quarters I mean Semi’s.(Ukraine Pleeeeeease!!!!)

    I think Italy did deserve to get some dubious decisions in their favour after Guus Hiddink & Korea’s luck over the Italians/Spaniards in 2002.

    Guus Hiddink: “What Goes Around Comes Around”. Personally I hate the Aussies so I am glad that the Italians won even though it was not a penalty.

    Riyad Loonat

  • azee
    June 28, 2006 at 3:31 pm Reply


    those ausie deserve it but Guus what a guy?

  • Anonymous
    June 29, 2006 at 8:20 am Reply

    The Aussies dont really specialise in soccer but at least they put up a fight with the famous Italians…..
    Gotta take your hat off to them for effort!

  • swoosh0018
    June 29, 2006 at 11:48 am Reply

    Mr Loonat

    Its about time we got a comment from you. What happen to your fucken spanish. They lost to old toppies. Raul and youn guys say Del Piero is overated.

    get rid of your racist coach.

    How the hell can you leave players like Vicente, Rubens Baraga, Morientes Out. It serves the MUGGS right. Only bad thing will be less Spanish Chics in the city of Germany

  • AZEE
    June 29, 2006 at 12:00 pm Reply

    i here pessotto tried to kill himself by jumping!

    This is like Enron again. What were you cheats up to to drive a men to suicide?


  • Anonymous
    June 30, 2006 at 4:48 am Reply

    Mr Mayet

    Your friend Mr Loonat is still commentless, he is no longer on our Aussie soils…. But let me tell you when Azzuri scored that penalty he was jumping up and down like a mad man! He kicked the Aussies right to the kerb even before the match started!

    As for the Spanish, they definately played a dissapointing match against the ageing French team!


    If he was here he would only have this to say to you……………

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