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Germany 2 Sweden 0

I am convinced that being a host nation has some hidden powers behind it.
I didnt end up watching the game entirely but if it were England or Italy the swedes would have put up a bigger fight. Larson and company parted quietly. Argentina vs Germany. What a humdinger.
If anyone has a t shirt with Torsten Frings or Phillippe Laam please phone me.

Argentina 2 Mexico

I was never an Argentinian fan from the time Maradona used his Hand against England. never liked them since. But they are looking good and the winner of this quarterfinal stands in Italys way. Rodriguez-my goal of the tournament. Credit to the Mexicans. They played with heart and soul. I believe there were some Mexicans in Sandton hitching a lift to the PALMS.
They were extremely dejected. Some nice chics too. Babor Babor Argentina, Barbo Barbo ketawa, Rogeregga Rogeregga da da da.

England 1 Ecuador 0

Come On Engeland. Again there was nothing like it. The flutes and instruments playing in the Crowd. Posh and Rebecca Loos in the crowd.
The lads started sowly but Ashley Cole’s, Match Winning Tackle.
And once again Becks pulled one out of the hat. I read an article that in the week he was getting stick from Rooney. Roberto Carlos sent him an sms to say “Please Becks , you havent scored a free-kick for long. As for Lampard , Chelsea is not a good place for him. Pity I coudnt see the Robot Dance Again

Portugal 1 Holland o

Maniche. This man just seems to have it for the big occassion. But what a filthy and dirty game. Record for Yellow Cards and Red Cards. I mean this referee was trigger happy. F%^k#D up the whole game.

soccernet-“Russian referee Valentin Ivanov was given a resounding vote of no confidence by players, coaches and even FIFA president Sepp Blatter after he lost control of Portugal’s 1-0 win over Netherlands on Sunday.

But Scolari said “Figo only did what a committed player should do when goaded by his opponents, adding ‘Jesus Christ said he would turn the other cheek but Figo is not Jesus Christ. I thought he was more correct than the Dutchmen’. “

This will always be remembered as the battle of Nuremberg.

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Comments (3)

  • Zaheer
    June 26, 2006 at 12:23 pm Reply

    So far so good, no unwanted ahn joon wahns running aroud apart from the fact that France qualifies 2nd. So far apart from the portugal-holland game all the teams that should be in there are ther. Por – Hol was abit of a difficult one to pick as will Fra- Spa. None of the games have been big games except for the 2 above but would be nice to see how england cope with some decent opposition. fromt he quaters is when the men are seperated from the boys obviously italy should they qualify will have an easy QF opponent in UKR or Swi. just glad all the big teams are there and that good football is beiing played (most of the time).

  • mc_dbc
    June 26, 2006 at 12:37 pm Reply

    Argentina !! Argentina !! Argentina !!

    Diego wis the greatest footballer there ever was… there will be none like him ever again !!

    Argentina !! Argentina !! Argentina !!

    It was a tough result against the Mexicans, but these sides know each other well and Mexico were extremely well organised. Argentina showed their strength in depth… I don’t think any other team can bring on 3 substitutes who can have such an attacking influence – Aimar, Teves and Messi… Whats even more impressive about this team is the fact that the “less glamorous” players like Esteban Cambiasso and Maxi Rodrigez (as opposed to the well-know stars Riquelme, Crespo, Saviola, Messi, Teves, Aimar) are the ones who are arguably doing the job… imagine when it all clicks into place

    The Germans will be tough to beat, especially at home, but we saw what the Argentines can do against Serbia… they saving round 2 of football on that level for July 9 !!!

    Argentina !! Argentina !! Argentina !!

    Thanx man

  • azee
    June 28, 2006 at 3:33 pm Reply

    what should diego sing in the changeroom?

    you know it swoosh. please publisht it?

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